Welcome! I am glad that you stopped by!!! My hope is that by reading this blog, you will be blessed through the tales, tidbits, trials and testimonies from our time living abroad as missionaries in the Pearl of Africa (Uganda) that God has taught me.

We have lived in Uganda nearly ten years now. Our eyes have been opened to new ways, new people, and a new culture. Through it all, God has been faithful to teach us regularly and we are still learning. While our perceptions may not always be perfect, they are our experiences. We will share some of these perceptions and lessons as I blog.

My husband and I have joined the Missionary Care movement after having been on this journey ourselves as missionaries in Uganda. This journey has taken us to countries like Ethiopia, Senegal, Zambia, Angola, Kenya, and South Africa, to name some. Our eyes have been opened, our perspectives widened, and our lives changed. Just as our hearts have been impacted, we hope to share some things with you that will inspire you to love more deeply, understand another culture, widen your worldview and be challenged to embrace what God has for you!

Traversing the continent of Africa has yielded many insights, but none for me as great as the Pearl of Africa, Uganda, where we have lived. As you get a glimpse of our life here, may you find the treasure of this place, its people and the passion.

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