Essential Oils

When we first moved to Uganda, I didn’t know how important it would be to manage my own health care. You see, quality medical care where we lived was scarce. In fact, we relied heavily on a fellow missionary who was medical professional to assist us in just about all of our family’s medical care.

I learned so much about preventative care as well as the signs and symptoms to watch for. About five years into our journey while on home assignment, I was approached by someone who wished to bless me with essential oils. Frankly, while I was open to alternative methods to enhance our health, I had never really explored essential oils before. She fixed me up with an Everyday Living Oils collection from Young Living, explained a bit, and handed me a Pocket Reference Guide (the Bible for YL essential oils) which can be purchased HERE on Amazon.

This is where my journey with essential oils began. I subsequently signed up as a Young Living consultant, so that I could get the 25% off the retail price and I learned all I could about essential oils and the reliability of this new company. I quickly learned its value and tested them out personally.

What a blessing to have been given the essential oils! I use them daily and have benefited greatly. As time permits, I will be sharing about the specific ways essential oils have impacted my health below. If you are interested in giving them a try, I invite you to see my Facebook page HERE. See the Young Living Product 2019 Guide HERE. You can also order through my Young Living link HERE. If you would like to sign up as a Young Living distributor in order to qualify for the 25% off retail price, you can click HERE. (In order to maintain your distributor status, you need only place a $50.00 order per year.)

One of the greatest things my friend did for me when she shared the set of Young Living essential oils with me? She also gifted me an “Essential Oils Pocket Reference Guide.” This little book is like the Bible for Young Living essential oils. It explains all you need to know about what each essential oil does, its properties and how to use them. If you want to use your oils well, be sure to grab one! You can get it HERE.



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